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Professional and reliable, Routes 2 Driving School is the best automatic driving school in Reading. We offer a range of instruction courses, specialising in learner driving lessons, but also offering Under 17 intro courses, as well as Eco/refresher training for those wanting to improve their skill and safety behind the wheel at any age and any level of driving experience and ability. We offer friendly, relaxed, down-to-earth automatic driving instruction on all of our courses, helping you to keep calm and stay in control, developing your driving skills at a pace that suits you.

Not only that, when you buy automatic driving lessons in Reading, you will get FREE access to our great online theory training, with a database of thousands of mock exam questions and hundreds of clips, helping you ace those hazard perception and theory tests every time. We will fit our services around you – picking up and dropping off wherever convenient across our coverage area. Keeping track of, making or changing a booking could not be simpler either, with our helpdesk operators always just a click away through our Live Chat service, as well as automatic email and text reminders.