Choosing your Driving School

Choosing a driving school is probably the most important decision that you will have to make and it can be a very difficult task. A quick look in the Yellow Pages shows over 150 driving schools in the Reading area alone, including several automatic driving schools in Reading. So how do you go about identifying the one to suit your needs? A lot of the time it can be just pot luck as to whether you end up with a good driving instructor or not.

The following section details some of the ways that people make their choice:

Personal Recommendations

Being recommended an instructor by friends or family is probably the best way to go when you are looking for driving lessons because you get a first hand account of the experience.

Recommendations supply us with approx 75% of our work, a figure that we are very proud of;

My driving instructor Nim was very good, very clear and easy to understand. He explained the techniques very clearly so that I understood exactly what I had to do.

Jack Clayton, Reading

My instructor Nim was always on time, prepared and enthusiastic. I enjoyed and looked forward to my lessons because Nim always had a catchy phrase or trick to help me remember things.

Ella Karel, Reading

We like to think that all our students are happy with the service and tuition that they receive and without their referrals we simply could not survive. Click to read more.


The qualifying process of becoming a driving instructor is quite tough, but unfortunately a lot of instructors take this as the be all and end all of their training, and due to this the standard of driving tuition and service throughout the driver training industry is not as high as it should be. For this reason, the Driving Standards Agency (the people who conduct your driving test and those that are responsible for overseeing the industry) recommends continued professional development.

This means that driving instructors should be completing extra qualifications and undergoing further training to maintain and improve tuition standards.

Here at Routes 2 Driving School, we take continued professional development very seriously, and since the company was founded in August 2003 we have spent a lot of time, money and effort on our continued development, with Nim, our Head of Instruction, being awarded the Dip.DI., one of the most prestigious driving instructor qualifications.

Quality of Tuition

A proportion of our work is from students who have decided to change from their present school due to a variety of reasons, e.g.

“my instructor is always talking on the phone instead of looking after me”
“I receive no feedback to enable me to improve”
“he/she is always late”
“the tuition car smells of smoke”
“he/she talks more about themselves than about my driving”

These are some of the reasons that are given to us when talking to new students, and are unfortunately all to common complaints across the industry.

Here at Routes 2 Driving School we feel that we offer a reliable, punctual and above all professional service that keeps our pupils happy at all times.

Be Aware of Gimmicks

There are many ways that driving schools will attract new students, some will offer free lessons, student discounts, and all sorts of gimmicks.

You now have the task of sifting through all these offers, but remember that very few things in life are free and you generally get what you pay for.

You have to ask yourself this question – “Why do individuals or schools offer cut price lessons?”. It could be that they offer a cut price service, it could be that they are struggling for work – but why is this, if they are the cheapest in town?

Remember if want quality then bargain hunting is rarely the best idea, and learning to drive is a life skill that the safety of yourself, your family, and other road users depend on.

Here at Routes 2 Driving School we offer fair and transparent Prices for our automatic driving lessons in Reading, ensuring you receive value for money while maintaining the highest possible standards and an always professional service.

In Conclusion…

As mentioned previously, your choice is a daunting one, with so many schools to choose from, and your final decision could be a very expensive mistake if you get it wrong.

Whatever your choice, we hope it is the correct one and would like to wish you a positive learning experience along with safe driving for life.

Routes 2 Driving School
Head of Instruction